Mel Lifshitz Travels’ Year End Recap

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It’s the time of the year that countdowns and recaps are done to take a last peek and review of the whole year that just passed by.

Here in Mel Lifshitz Travels, let’s look back at this blog’s almost seven months of existence and list Mel’s top monthly featured destinations.

MLT’s first online publication was on June 17.  Its very first blog entry featured Mel’s favorite destination in Israel – the Ashkenazi synagogue in Tzfat.  Five days after, an entry about his favorite hotel was published and the rest that follows made this blog what it is now.

Take a quick chronological online trip of this blog’s featured destinations by reading  the rest of the entry below.


Ashkenazi synagogue in TzfatMel Liftshitz loves to travel a lot and one of this favourite destinations is Israel.  He highly recommends  the Ashkenazi synagogue in Tzfat especially to tourists who want to know more about the culture and religion of Israelites. Continue reading here.

King David Hotel – King David is filled with history and charm. Their room, Deluxe with Old City view was one of the nicest rooms they have stayed in, and they have stayed in superb hotels around the world. Continue reading here.


Yemin Moshe – On Shabbos afternoon’s Mel E. Lifshitz enjoys walking around Yemin Moshe, one of Jerusalem’s prettiest residential neighbourhoods and is just near King David Hotel. Continue reading here.

Rallye Des Alpes Azur in Monaco – Menachem Lifshitz joined Rallye Des Alpes Azur and drove through the mountains and country sides of the best roads in the South of France to support Chana, an organization of Jewish women who have infertility problems. Continue reading here.


China – One of Menachem Lifshitz favorite destinations is China. He and his wife, Rochelle, are planning their upcoming travels to Asia, and one of their major stops is in Shanghai. Continue reading here.

Mexico – Who doesn’t love Mexico’s strong margaritas and lively mariachi bands?  Continue reading here.


Shanghai – Next time you find yourself in Shanghai with a few hours to spare, Mel Lifshitz highly recommends you indulge yourself and try the Shanghai Sidecar tour.  Continue reading here.

Yas Island – Yas Island is one of the ultimate tourist destinations in the world.  It is named as the World’s leading tourism project by World Travel Awards in November 2009. Continue reading here.


Mont Tremblant – For Menachem Lifshitz, Mont Tremblant Ski Resort is one of the best family destinations in Canada.  Continue reading here.


Jerusalem Gate – Located at the entrance to the new city of Jerusalem is the Jerusalem Gate Hotel. The Hotel has 298 rooms, all air conditioned. Continue reading here.


Shadow Creek Golf Course – Mel Lifshitz recently took a trip to one of the country’s best golfing destinations – the Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas.  Continue reading here.

See you next year for another round of online travel experience.  Happy Holidays.

Take a Peek at Las Vegas’ Shadow Creek Golf Course

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Mel Lifshitz recently took a trip to one of the country’s best golfing destinations – the Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas.  Shadow Creek is considered as a legendary place sculpted from the Nevada desert by Tom Fazio, a renowned architect, and developed by Steve Wynn, a casino magnate in the late 80’s.

Here’s a short excerpt of Shadow Creek’s history.

“It is once the domain of only a privileged few, the natural splendor of this monument to the imagination and classic golf course design stands today ready to be shared. Shadow Creek is ready to be enjoyed by all who honor and respect the game, and seek its challenges at the highest level.”   Read more here.

Along with his nephew, Menachem Lifshitz checked the course and did a little R&R and experienced the merits of the City’s golf community.

Check more photos here.

Melly Lifshitz’s Golf Poem of the Day

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Melly Lifshitz technically travelled some interesting parts of the world to visit various beautiful golf courses.  To fill in this week’s blog entry, below are 2 interesting poems about golf that  Mel Lifshitz wants to share  to his blog visitors.


A perfect golf course lawn,
A house painted by numbers,
A dog plays out back, and all
the children say, whats for
lunch, or dinner,
A man pulls in,
a women waves a white flag,
and all the children say,
this is my mom, and this is
my dad.
A perfect golf course lawn. (Source)

Golf Tees Lament

Golf tees on my dresser
Golf tees in my bed
Golf tees on my pillows
Where they poke me in my head

Golf tees in my closet
Falling from my shirts and pants
Golf tees along the baseboards
Just like army ants

Golf tees in the carpet
And underneath my feet
Golf tees lined up on the mantle
Oh, they look so neat

Golf tees in my couch
And in my back and thighs
When I sit and watch TV
I feel those little guys

Golf tees in the kitchen
In Jurassic coffee mugs
Sometimes when I pass them
They look like prehistoric bugs.

Golf tees in the bathtub
Like sailors on plastic ships
Golf tee in her make-up
Like little bald q-tips.

Golf tees in the attic
Golf tees in the shed
Golf tees, golf tees everywhere
I wonder where they bred?

Golf tees out the backdoor
Like Hansel-and-Gretel’s trails
Golf tees in the flowerbeds
Among the mulch and snails

Golf tees in my car
And underneath the mats
Golf tees in the backseat
Like little baseball bats

But when I am at the golf course
I ask my partner, like a louse…
“May I borrow some of your tees? ”
I left mine at the house! (Source)

Mel’s latest travel posts will be posted soon.  So stay tuned.